Why should Indian handcrafted be your first choice?

It’s creative. It’s diverse. It’s sustainable. & Oh how it’s beautiful!

Yes, we’re talking about the absolutely rich culture & heritage of the Indian Handcrafts.

From ancient India to modern India, Handcrafted is the prestigious hallmark of our civilization. Tracing back to the Indus Valley Civilization, Handcrafted products from India have reached the
sweet global mark all thanks to the beautiful cultural influence, unimaginable creativity, and sheer uniqueness!

From travellers & tourists to global markets, the demand for Indian Handcrafted products is blooming along with India’s profound innovation.

And what should we say about the diversity of Indian handcrafted! We have the intricacy of phulkari dupattas from Punjab, the soft pashminas from Kashmir, the art of warlis from Gujurat
& Maharashtra and let’s not forget the magnificent bandhej & lehariya prints of Rajasthan.

Additionally, when you support Indian Handcrafted, you also support slow fashion & homegrown local brands in India. Slow fashion brands, which are homegrown with extra love &
attention like Rustic Blends, are a sure-shot way of adding profound sustainability, earth-loving fabrics, and spectacular stylish ensembles to your wardrobe.

Also, let’s face it, the importance of homegrown just can’t be stressed enough with the vocalforlocal campaign.

Beyond fabrics, you can see so much inspiration in other handcrafted products as well, From marble showpieces to exclusive cutlery items to quirky handbags to stunning handmade
jewellery, the inventions are truly contemporary and prideful for every Indian.

Need more inspiration to shop handcrafted in India?

Here’s why Indian handcrafted should be your first choice:

Support Small:

The Indian Handcrafted market arises out of rural skills, with each region having its very own unique & distinctive prints, raw materials, products, and making process & tools.
For countless rural Indians & craftsmen, Indian Handcrafted is their bread & butter. When you choose to shop Indian Handcrafted products, you support small and naturally, the
rural economy of India. Believe us! It’s such a good feeling!

Takes Sustainable Ahead:

With Indian Handcrafted products, you don’t only get creativity but also organic & eco- friendliness! Most of the handcrafted products in India are crafted out of sustainable organics, handmade with love and care. When you choose handcrafted, you choose a happier & greener planet.

A profound example is our 100% cotton sustainable tote bag. With unique prints and easy-to- use features, our shopping tote bag is your best friend for any and every activity!


Imagine a range of distinctive products which are sustainable, beautiful, high in quality & innovation as well as affordable? Yes, the range of Indian Handcrafted!

Indian Handcrafted products are rich in culture & heritage as well as pocket friendly. Since handcrafted in India sources from the rural areas, the price points are indeed worth the admiration and purchase.

Even on a commercial level, handcrafted apparel to handcrafted garment is inexpensive. Check out our range of dresses which are designed from summer-friendly fabrics, so pretty, & so affordable!

Best of Both Worlds: Royalty & Culture:

Indian Handcrafted products are the elegant results of India’s culture & heritage.