Welcome to the Rustic Blends Bulk Orders Page!

Whether you're a retailer, event planner, corporate gifter, or an enthusiast sharing the timeless beauty of our handcrafts, we've got you covered. Our creations are designed with passion, precision, and attention to detail, making them perfect for those seeking quality and uniqueness. Each design tells a story of skill, resilience, and the timeless beauty of Indian crafts.

Let's make a difference by celebrating and preserving India's cultural heritage. Together, we empower artisans and impact the lives of Indian rural craft communities and women’s self-help groups—one handcrafted creation at a time. Join us on this mission!

Our Associations

  • Crossword

  • The Bombay Store

  • Suriti : The Culture Shop, Mumbai

  • The Museum Shop, Mumbai

  • All prices mentioned are at MRP.
  • Wholesale prices will vary according to the MOQ’s.

  • Packaging and branding cost would be extra as per the requirement.

  • Customization can be done as per the availability of the fabric and other materials, as well as the time frame.