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Tree of Life Painting • Wall Decor

Tree of Life Painting • Wall Decor

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Tree Of Life • Wooden Blocks and Azo-Free Dyes

"This painting is made by master artisan Mr. Shaikh Mohd Hussain and his work is displayed at various art festivals all over the world"

It comprises a tree that harbors the symbolic life and its inhabitants. The splendor trunks and boughs meander upward across a vast expanse along with smaller trees and shrubs. An impossible largesse of blossoms fills its crown, hiding from view the numerous squirrels and birds amidst the foliage. For this panel, the non-repetitive elements such as the trunk and branches required painting by brush, but the floral and foliate forms were freely printed with blocks. 

Weight: 500 gms
Length: 35.5 inches • 90.2 cm
Breadth: 23.5 inches • 59.7 cm

Note: This is an unframed painting. This is a made-to-order painting and will be on a pre-order basis only. This painting will take around 15-20 days to be delivered.
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