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Tree of Life Painting • Wall Decor

Tree of Life Painting • Wall Decor

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Tree Of Life • Wooden Blocks and Azo-Free Dyes

"This painting is made by master artisan Mr. Shaikh Mohd Hussain and his work is displayed at various art festivals all over the world"

It comprises a tree that harbors the symbolic life and its inhabitants. The splendor trunks and boughs meander upward across a vast expanse along with smaller trees and shrubs. An impossible largesse of blossoms fills its crown, hiding from view the numerous squirrels and birds amidst the foliage. For this panel, the non-repetitive elements such as the trunk and branches required painting by brush, but the floral and foliate forms were freely printed with blocks. 

Weight: 500 gms
Length: 41.5 inches • 105.4 cm
Breadth: 28 inches • 71.12 cm

Note: This is an unframed painting. This is a made-to-order painting and will be on a pre-order basis only. This painting will take around 15-20 days to be delivered.


Disclaimer- This is a handmade product. There might be slight variations in colours and prints across the range. Sign of an artisan's work, unlike a factory line. The painting is not washable hence keep in a dust-free environment, if not framed in glass.• Country of Origin- India• Sold by- Rustic Blends India, Address : Block no. 3, 2nd floor, Khajina Mahal, Andheri west, Above Bank of Baroda, Mumbai 400058.• Customer Care-


Tree of Life

This painting comprises of- A tree rising in a classical manner, from a mound that harbours the symbolic life and their inhabitants.
Flanked by smaller trees and shrubs, its slendour trunks and boughs meander upward across a vast expanse.
An impossible largesse of blossoms fills its crown, hiding from view the numerous squirrels and birds amidst the foliage.
Perched on high branches, rendered in colour, appear to pause for rest.

For this panel, the non- repetitive elements such as the trunk and branches required painting by brush, but the floral and foliate forms were freely printed with blocks
A subtle wave pattern, also printed with blocks, enriches the texture of the ground.
In fact the printing required over hundred blocks, all of which were prepared in Bombay, as well as a vast range of dyes.
In the case of some colours, for instance, over a dozen different shades were used.

This Panel was yet another attempt to capture the elusive splendour of the historic Tree of Life.
Since there were technical difficulties in rendering the subject in its original dye painting technique, the craftsmen, in this case, tried out a different medium- fabric block prints with azo-free dyes.
The transformation was also essential for the work to achieve commercial viability.
In printing, it was possible, to achieve finer line work and brighter colours with a smaller investment of time and effort.

The sheer scale of the exercise presented several problems.
The artists found it impossible to visualize or determine the exact layout of the design prior to execution.
And painting the trunks and branches with a brush resulted occassionally in an exaggerated or awkward turn.
The rectangular format of this genre, moreover, awkwardly confined the natural spread of the tree, and handling the edges of the composition where its foliage terminates, required special attention.

With this panel commenced a successful production of Tree of Life hangings that has endured to the present day.
Over time, in fact, the composition of the trees, the quality of the print blocks, the intricacy of pattern details and the sophistication of colour have improved steadily.
The craftsmen have also explored other technical options such as the use of gold and silver pigments to further enrich the print.


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About Painter

• Mr Shaikh Mohd Hussain started his career in 1976 as a block printer in batik print
• He has done his education from night school
• He has gained expereince in the field as a block printer, dyer, processor
• He was qualified for the post of block printing by the Ministry of Textiles- Weaver's Service Centre which comes under the regulation of Central Government of India
• During his tenure he got a chance to work with renowned artists in different fields like Mr Gautam Wagela (an Indian artist), Mr Prabhakar Barwe (pioneer of modern Indian painting), Mr Martand Singh (Indian wildlife conservationist) and various other Fashion designers.
• In the year 2002, Mr Shaikh Mohd Hussain had participated in Smithsonion Folklife Festival Washington D.C showcasing his project work through Tree of Life and was selected by the authorities to display his project as well as to train the art students to represent the beauty of Fine Art of India
• He got great recognition for his contribution in the field of Arts.
• Presently, he has over 45 years of expereince in the field of textile printing with the help of which he is designing and printing such unique products.

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